I’ve been teaching Reiki since 2001. Reiki can be a great self help tool gently guiding us in our transformation. If that’s not for you, Reiki treatments offer a subtle support as we navigate our day to day lives. The Reiki Page offers more information. 

Bach Remedies came to me after I tragically lost my brother. While I felt I grieved and was in control, my first consultation opened the flood gates and I cried buckets. I was genuinely amazed at the support I got from the remedies and started training. They have helped me through many of lives challenges as well as led me to a major limiting belief that had played out in my life. They are great self help tool and you can work with me to get started if needed. For details see Bach Flower Therapy

Soul Plan readings are more a system of life guidance rather than a predictive readings. They cover challenges we may face and tips on how we may get through them. The practitioner will intuitively see what resonates for you but they are not a psychic reading. Click link for information on Soul Plan Reading

Essential Oils have truly been an unexpected gift. I always avoided essential oils as I felt their scents too overpowering. I’ve since learned that may depend on the grade of the oils. I was introduced to them as I tried to recover my health after illness and I’ve been blown away with the help they have given. This remains a work in progress as I’ve had to take time to recover my health further but I plan to be offering much more information on how you can add essential oils to you self care toolkit soon.  Click here if you’d like to have a look