The world is governed by spiritual laws – a set of principles that aid us in our life experience. Assisting the flow of existence, they maintain order. They simply are whether we’re aware of their existence or not. Have you heard the saying we are spiritual beings having a human experience? We are energy, a vibration, within the vehicle of the body. The laws govern life on earth and can give you a greater understanding of what demonstrates in your life. 

Human figure amid pink and gold energy

However, such laws aren’t the only influence affecting us. Your name also carries vibration. In the Soul Plan system, its thought the soul conveyed the name for this incarnation before birth. Your personal Soul Plan chart is calculated with your birth name using a numerology system and highlights the challenges, talents and goals for this lifetime. The laws will then respond to how you approach such issues. Our life experience, therefore, is influenced by these unseen forces. 

Books such as The Secret introduced the Law of Attraction, highlighting that we are co-creators in some of life’s experiences. The vibration we give out is responded to, a gift from the Divine when approached the right way. But soul mates failed to materialise and the advised cheques placed in a prominent place failed to be cashed.

Why is that?

Some .laws are interrelated and the Law of Attraction works secondary to the Law of Vibration. This vibrational law, therefore, is the one that needs your attention. The universe is energy in motion. Everything has a vibrational frequency, including us.

Tools such as positive visualisation, affirmations, vision boards, positive thinking all help raise our vibration to assist in working with the law of attraction. Feelings such as anger, shame, guilt all emit a low-frequency vibration. Doing a task because you feel obliged rather than wanting to do it carries a low vibration, as does negative self-talk. If such feelings are experienced often enough they can actually become energetic thought forms created around someone. All of this emits a low-frequency vibration into your field.

Your vibrational frequency is linked to the way you “feel.” Due to this, using affirmations and vision boards to manifest will bring some result, but can be overridden by limiting beliefs, subconscious programs that affect the overall “feeling” in your life. Your attention, therefore, should focus on the vibration you emit and that’s where the Bach remedy system can help you immensely.

Whether you have a glass half full or half empty approach to life will create a point of focus for you. Life’s events can also throw us off track interrupting our best intentions for staying positive.

I witnessed this in my own life. I tended to have a pessimistic outlook and my pessimism was responded to by the universe – as that’s what the law of attraction does. I used self-hypnosis and the Bach remedy GENTIAN. Self-hypnosis is not necessary. and the remedies will work on their own. Some weeks later the law of attraction was working for me. More enjoyable experiences, some good fortune, a leaning towards pleasant thoughts rather than expecting the negative completely turned things around for me.

There is also some give and take with the law. The law of attraction will not give a negative return if you change your emotional attracting point. Another great reason to add Bach remedies to your self-care toolbox.

I now immediately take steps to change a negative mindset. You can too!

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If you would like to understand more about how your emotional set point influences your experience, a useful book is Ask and it is Given from spiritual teacher Abraham through Esther Hicks.

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