It’s Written In The Stars

Or is it? Perhaps you believe that your life story is predetermined., but what about free will? Diana Cooper, gave the analogy of an around the world ticket regarding this –  there are certain stop overs and pre-booked flights that you agree to before you set off and the rest of the time – it’s up to you. Many teachings suggest the earth journey is a school within which the soul is evolving and prior to incarnating chose to experience certain things. If there are patterns affecting us wouldn’t it be beneficial to discover them and take steps to influence how our life experience takes shape?


In her book, Medicine For The Earth, Sandra Ingerman explains to reignite our excitement and inspiration for life we should learn why our soul originally decided to be born. She suggests we ask two questions:

  • what gifts, talents and strengths did we come into this word to manifest?
  • who were we before we were told who we are?

Knowledge of our soul’s original purpose is often obscured in this life. We stray from that path because we don’t realise it exists and we define ourselves by the projections that others have given us. This leads to our life experience being directed by limiting beliefs and unfulfilled potential. We move further away from the essence we came into creation with.  One way to gain insight is through a Soul Plan reading.

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Soul Plan has its roots in a creation theory found in the Book of Creation – the earliest book on Jewish esotericism. In this theory creation is said to have originated from letters of light which had a corresponding vibration and sound. In the Soul Plan system the original birth name is the starting point and the number sequences for a soul plan reading are calculated from Hebrew numerology. As each letter has a vibration and sound the name has a more in depth meaning.

Your own star of creation will be created (as a Star of David.) The downward triangle will contain the number sequences associated with the challenges, talents and goals in your worldly aspect of your chart. The upward triangle contains the numbers for the challenges, talents and goals in the spiritual aspect.

While there are possibilities associated with each number sequence, your Soul Plan will consist of what stands out for you. However – PLEASE NOTE – Soul Plan is not a predictive reading but more a system of life guidance. A reading can help you understand areas that may be holding you back or provide insight into your authentic self. Such clarity may assist you into further expression of your potential.

Reconnect With Your Essence


Discovering any challenges unique to your soul plan can be helpful in giving insight into current life experience and how to move forward. You may already know your talents or the reading could highlight areas you would benefit from stepping into. You may feel inspired to find ways to become more aligned with the goals your soul would like you to aim for. Healing is activated with the healing itself and a Soul Plan healing activation is also included. Advice on helpful healing modalities will be given of indicated.

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