Traditional Usui Reiki

The Reiki healing system came to us through Mikao Usui. This healing modality can be applied safely across all age groups and is safe to use alongside conventional & complimentary treatments. It is supportive in the management of physical ailments, stress, emotional healing and can assist people in their own personal transformation.

Reiki Treatments

The therapist is a channel for the Reiki energy and a treatment follows a sequence of hand positions over the chakras. It is a simple therapeutic method directing itself to where it is most needed. Reiki energy balances and harmonizes. In a balanced state there is a potential for self healing. As a modality some people take Reiki classes for their own personal development and it is also a therapeutic tool that can be used by therapists.




Reiki  Training

You can be opened as a channel for the Reiki energy through the assistance of a Reiki teacher (Master.) The system consists of three degrees and each degree is complete in itself with no need to take all three degrees unless you want to.

Many take this degree as a personal development tool. This degree opens you up as a channel for the healing energy and it is generally advised – as a practitioner – that the student can work on friends and family. It is also advised that the student works on themselves, giving a tool for personal growth and assisting the energy system in preparation for further attunements, should you be considering further training. Once attuned to Reiki energy you become a lifelong channel whether you choose to use the energy or not.

This is the next level and introduces the student to the Reiki symbols. The symbols can be used in treatments and distant healing. You are also able to incorporate the symbols in self treatments to deepen the experience. 

This level is intended for people who want to teach this modality to others. This Master level is taught by arrangement. It follows the traditional teaching of being taught over time and consists of three days. It can be completed in four months, giving two months between each teaching day, or in a shorter or longer time frame dependent on the student’s preference. The time taken in this learning allows the student to become familiar with the traditional attunement process and assists them in feeling confident to initiate a student on completion of training.

Your Investment For Reiki Training



Reiki Level One – £90 .         Reiki Level Two – £120

Master Level – £300 in total – £100 payable on each day of teaching

For level one and two, a £10 refundable deposit reserves your place for the purpose of printing materials. Balance payable on the day of training.

Reiki Deposit

Available  Saturday Dates  2019


Reiki Level 1 –  5th October 

This class is taught as a long day rather than a weekend. Approximate time is 09.00 am – 5.00pm for individuals; 09.00 am – 6.00 pm for small groups and may finish earlier.

Reiki Level 2 – 14th September; 16th November

A one day class approximately 10.00 am – 4.30 pm.

Other dates are available by arrangement – contact Irene.