Only Pure Certified Therapeutic Grade oils should be used as plant based medicine as not all oils are the same quality. Some essential oils available for purchase are adulterated and are not suitable for use in a wellbeing context.

Due to this I only use the one brand of oils I feel safe to use for my own wellness management.Toxins were part of the reason I experienced cognitive decline. Create your own wellness management. Natural solutions you can rely on for you and your family. Reduce exposure to environmental toxins. 

Discover How To Get Your Own Oils

Conventional medicine is on top when it come to crisis care, maternity care, surgery and other areas of illness management. However, the face of medicine is also changing.We’re now being asked not to use antibiotics so freely as they are loosing their effect.  In November 2018 The Telegraph newspaper printed an article that 90,000 people will be killed in Britain over the next 30 years due to antibiotic resistance. Doctors and patients are acknowledging drugs often don’t work or the side effects are seriously harmful. Many people are looking for more natural choices to address everyday health concerns.

Essential oils are natural substances obtained from plants, flowers, leaves, roots and bark of trees. They have been used for many years for their medicinal effect. While topical and aromatic application tend to have been favoured, French aromatherapy includes internal application of certain oils, highlighting the need for oils to be Pure Certified Therapeutic Grade. Its empowering to have the means to know when we can address an ailment ourselves or when we need a consultation with a trained professional

Essential oils have many therapeutic and curative effects. Antibacterial activity of essential oils has been researched since the 1880’s. It has been shown the oils inhibit bacterial growth or kill the bacteria outright. They also have antifungal. anti-inflammatory and antiviral activity. The effect of  many oils against viruses has been shown in vitro and in clinical trials. They are effective for hormonal issues, relaxing to the autonomic nervous system and beneficial in liver detoxification. Powerful healers of the physical body, some essential oils are thought to be more potent than herbs.

Essential oils are also a wonderful tool to assist balancing our emotions. As well as healing the physical, the oils can support us in healing the heart as we address our emotional wellness. They help raise our vibration and in so doing, negative emotions may surface for release. Emotional healing only truly happens by going through a releasing process and the oils can support us through this. They may help highlight limiting beliefs which we can then work to transform and let go. Only the highest quality and purest essential oils should be used for physical and emotional healing.