Self  Directed  Wellness  Support  With  Essential  Oils

In 2013 I found myself with cognitive impairment. I had symptoms that were listed in an explanation of prodromal dementia, and I had the one symptom that usually always results in an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.With a family history of Alzheimer disease the seriousness of this wasn’t lost on me. That led to my journey to search for a return to wellbeing. 

Everything about my views on health changed. Having nursed I was blown away with how much information was available from functional/integrative medicine that just wasn’t considered in conventional medical models. While it wasn’t an easy road, I did manage to gain remission from symptoms and a whole new way of caring for my self emerged.The story of what I did to recover will be in my book which should be available soon. 

One of the problems that was highlighted for me was the struggle my liver had because of what was going on in my body. I had already implemented a number of changes – diet , reducing exposure to toxins, keeping the body as clean as possible – but I needed to find a way that was going to manage my health without exposure to pharmaceuticals that may load my liver even more.


I Learned ….

Everything that goes on the body, goes in the body –  cosmetics, body lotion, shampoo.  We inhale the solvents in the environment around us; nail polish remover, bleach, household cleaning agents that then stay in our cells. Furniture, carpets, upholstery, bedding all give off certain chemicals which we again inhale. 

Our bodies can’t easily metabolise these foreign agents

Add to that poor diet from processed food, the hormone mimics that come from plastics, environmental pollution, the chemicals and metals in the tap water we drink and bathe in, pesticide use and we’re on the slow boat to the degenerative diseases of the 21st century that conventional medicine can’t help us with. 


I like being able to manage my emotional wellbeing on my own without drugs. In addition to the Bach remedies, I now have these essential oils in my emotional toolkit. They can be inhaled directly, applied topically and diffused in the air, with me in charge of my own emotional support. As well as the relaxing benefit that can be gained from some oils, I’ve also experienced the oils bringing up emotions I have to examine, as well as help me make decisions I may otherwise avoid. I love the aroma from candles but did you know only soya candles are safe to share an environment with. Regular candles can emit formaldehyde –  which we then may inhale. Why not consider diffusing oils instead?

During recovery from cognitive impairment I discovered just how compromised my detoxification pathways were. This made the journey a little slower as the process of cleaning up my act couldn’t be rushed or I experienced a setback. When I felt it was safe to move forward I was looking for ways to maintain my level of wellness. Having never considered essential oils in the past I discovered they could be used to detoxify the liver and I was hooked. What a great tool to add to my wellbeing maintenance. PLEASE NOTE – only pure therapeutic grade oils should be used as plant based medicine, not all oils available for purchase are of this high standard.

One of my first steps on the road to recovery was realising how compromised our health could be from all the things that are absorbed by inhalation and through the skin. There was no point to detoxing if I was still putting a chemical load in and so I looked for alternatives early on. There’s not much vinegar and soda bicarbonate can’t clean and I would add some essential oils for their perfume, although not oils of a therapeutic grade standard. Purity of oils is extremely important and so I signed up with a company whose oils are stringently tested and passed as pure therapeutic grade oils. As well as individual oils for home use,  blends are also available to aid management of cleansing household bins, insect repellents and more.

With Certified Therapeutic Grade Oils you can be proactive in your own health care. You can practise informed self care . You can reduce toxic exposure.




I didn’t know about the value of therapeutic grade essential oils when I was struggling to recover from health issues, but they are part and parcel of my self informed wellness management tool box as I maintain wellbeing. I’m excited to be well enough to share this information with you.

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