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A Beginner Guide To Bach Remedies

The Bach Remedy system, created by Dr Edward Bach, is primarily as a self-help tool. His vision was that one day we would manage our emotions as easily as we manage cuts and grazes. He saw this system as a medicine of the future and hoped we would reach into our medicine cabinets for a remedy as easily as we reach for a band aid.

The system consists of 38 remedies and it is believed that in combination they can address any emotional situation we find ourselves experiencing. In training we are advised to take the remedies as often as needed and I personally made great headway once the remedies were introduced to my life tools kit. Don’t shy away from any of the remedy interpretations. These are based on what the particular remedy is most known for but emotional states have various degrees. As practitioners we are taught if the remedies are being taken as they should be, at some point we will have taken all 38……and I have. The remedy descriptions are normal human responses we may find ourselves in from time to time and so there are no undesirable remedies.


While the remedies are primarily a self-help system of healing, there may be times when we need a little more help. Consultations with a practitioner may assist at such times. Bach consultations with Irene include two appointments approximately 4 weeks apart. The format is an initial consultation and treatment bottle with a review appointment approximately 4 weeks later and an additional bottle of remedies. As the remedies are subtle and more chronic feelings may take time to balance the second review appointment can be very valuable. In some cases a person may feel the treatment bottle has only started working and another bottle of the same remedies will be given at this this time. In other cases a quick response may be experienced and the remedy choice may change over the four weeks. The review appointment then allows for adjustment to the remedy selection as the emotional layers have started to peel away.


Change Your Vibe With Bach Flower Remedies:


In Person at the Cerato Centre – £35 covers two appointments (initial consultation & a review approximately 4 weeks later) Fee payable on the first appointment. Phone to arrange.

Online – £40 covers two appointments and includes postage & packing cost of sending remedies.

After the initial consultation you can consider how you want to proceed. Some people feel confident enough to take over making their own remedy bottle. Others prefer to repeat consultations until they get a better idea of the system and their specific requirements. Others may decide to learn more about the remedies to support their own use of the remedies.