Buddha and candlesIn the channelled 33 Lessons from Sara Wiseman, Spirit tells us “The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth.” This is often the path less travelled because while many seek personal growth for various reasons, doing the work is painful. It requires examining our shadow side. It requires being honest with yourself. It often requires change on some level.

Trials may have led to the search for spiritual growth and so it follows that such trials may need to be revisited, re-examined, and the learning they brought integrated.

Carl Jung stated – “knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of Light but by making the darkness conscious.

In knowing our own darkness we can be compassionate for others who may have wronged us. I’m not suggesting condoning behaviour or remaining in a relationship when treated unfairly, I’m suggesting we’re better able to understand the stage of growth of another and let it go rather than turning it over in our mind. Energy follows thought and if we’re thinking of how another wronged us we’re not taking care of ourselves.

Yet the decision to self examine is a big one. Many of us have blocked heart chakras due to past experiences, and this may have occurred as a defence mechanism in some respect. However, eventually, there may be an effect on the physical body as well as our relationships with others. If continuing in defence mode we may not be actively nursing old hurts, but neither are we melting into them enough to work through their pain and release.

The journey to soul growth is not for the faint-hearted. It takes courage. It may or may not entail some type of healing or therapy along the way. In addition to whatever healing is needed, I’m all for taking charge of self-directed emotional wellness too. Dr Edward Bach who brought us the Bach remedy system wanted us to be “Captain of our own ship” and this system of remedies in combination is thought to cover any emotional situation. doTERRA oils can also be used to support emotional wellbeing.

Revisiting Carl Jung’s advice, while imagining figures of Light alone may not move us forward, Spirit opens their arms to support you on the journey. They want you to ask for assistance and want you to hand over burdens to them when they are a little too big for you to deal with. However, it’s necessary to go within first to recognise what you actually need help with.

If you’d like some help with your spiritual connection both Bach and doTeRRA can assist there too. I’m not talking about a psychic awakening here, I’m referring to heart opening.

HOLLY is an important remedy regarding spiritual growth. While it has other uses, it opens up the capacity to give unconditional love.

FRANKINCENSE essential oil is a cleanser of spiritual darkness. It assists spiritual awakening and helps one feel a connection to the love of the `Divine.

Another consideration is books like the SECRET introduced the Law of Attraction to many, however, this spiritual law works in response to the Law of Vibration. The vibration you emit will influence how the Law of Attraction responds to you, one reason to start changing your vibe with Bach or the doTERRA oils. I’ll be discussing these laws in the next blog.


Bach remedies can be obtained online through Holland and Barrett; Nelson’s Pharmacy or Crystal Herbs create their own Bach range in handy 10ml bottles –  https:www.crystalherbs.com

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