Dear Seeker, do you long for a spiritual connection


but  think you’re making no progress? Are you


drawn  to  angels and guides but feel there’s


interference on the line?


Spiritual teachers tell us the way forward is to step back and go within. To self reflect, examine our life, motives, experiences and emotions.  We long for wholeness. We want soulful experience and yet the journey there may require us to explore the human heart.

Many of us have blocked heart chakras due to what we’ve encountered in life. Such blocks need to be cleared to allow us to continue onwards through the chakras. Soul growth only happens by facing what is. That may at times be painful as the emotional foundations that resulted in such blocks are revisited.




Your visions will become clear only when you


can look into your own heart. Who looks outside


dreams, who looks inside awakens.


Carl Jung


Most of us carry something from our story with us. No one wants to dwell on pain, we  may even be in a place of denial believing all’s well. In looking away, perhaps distracting ourselves so that we can avoid feeling, we stay where we are. 

Pema Chodron advises ” Everything that occurs is not only usable and workable, but is actually the path itself.”

Sara Wiseman in her book The Four Passages Of The Heart advises “if there’s a desire to become conscious then you must start at the beginning, into the pain. Spiritual disciplines, chanting, affirmations, cultivating a positive outlook, using vision boards is not the beginning. You may have spiritual experiences while doing some of these practises but they will be fleeting. You have not yet entered your path towards soul.”


Hi I’m Irene, intuitive and healer. 

I’m interested in soul growth from the viewpoint of how it can be achieved within everyday life. Self –realisation would probably be my term. How do we move forward towards grace , treading the calm waters of life one moment, facing the unpredictable that comes to greet us the next. How can we assist ourselves to experience spirituality while fulfilling our worldly responsibilities?

Carl Jung also said the way to enlightenment was by making the darkness conscious. We may feel apprehensive as we consider confronting our shadow. While there may be times when we need some additional support through things, my interest  lies in assisting you to self directed management of your emotional wellbeing.



The Bach remedy system consists of 38 remedies which in combination are said to support us through any situation. It is primarily a self help system that people can use themselves.  I provide tips through Facebook and the blog that starts this month to assist knowledge of the remedies. Details of consultations  with me online or in person are available on the Bach Flower Therapy page if you’d like a hand to get started. 

All essential oils are not the same, There are three categories which are aromatic essential oils; therapeutic grade essential oils and independently tested therapeutic grade essential oils. Oils you may purchase in health stores are often not therapeutic grade and are not suitable for wellbeing support. Even therapeutic grade oils can be adulterated with additives. I only recommend oils that have been tested for their purity & composition.

Bach remedies do not suppress negative feelings but open an individual to receive the positive vibration from the higher self.  The remedies should be taken often when needed as frequency of dosage is important.  The feeling treated will not immediately return on stopping the remedy and should it be revisited at a later date it will be to a different degree in some respect due to the healing obtained. Frequently  recurring emotions are then for you to examine and decide if more is needed or if the remedies will be enough. 

Certified pure therapeutic grade oils can assist the surfacing and release of feelings assisting an individual to move forward.  It may be mistakenly thought the oils are not working when they are in fact supporting people through the permanent healing of emotional issues. We have been conditioned to expect a pill for every ill and want to avoid pain at all costs, but true emotional healing doesn’t occur like that. What you resist persists and will present into awareness further down the line.  Allowing the cleansing of emotion is a necessary step.




Be in charge of your own adventure!


Self directed wellness is where you make


the decisions.



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